Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be hiking?  Yes!  We will have 3 days of day hikes and 3 days of more remote backpacking hikes.  

How many miles will they hike? Maximum 6 miles in a day.  

What time do we show up?  2PM on Sunday and 5PM on Friday.  When you arrive on Sunday we will have a parent meeting that will last approximately and hour.  On Friday, there will be a student presentation that will last approximately an hour.

What all do you provide?  We provide curriculum & instruction, transportation, food, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cooking gear, science equipment, etc...  Basically the only thing we don't provide is clothing.  

What not to bring?  Guns, knives, ninja stars, pepper spray, bow staffs, and any other weapons.  

We also ask that students leave their cell phones for the following reasons:

1) We do not want them to get damaged

2) We want students to stay connected with their peers and with the science

3) There is no cell reception where we are going

4) We are bringing expensive waterproof digital cameras to document the expedition.